Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

Premium Whistle Rescue

Our Premium Whistle Rescue is an excellent team building activity for a mixture of group sizes. The aim is to retrieve an item from inside the tube, in this scenario a whistle or a ball.
The group can not go inside the exclusion zone. The group will need to use the equipment wisely to accomplish this.
This is a fantastic challenge testing groups communication skills, individuals ability to lead a group, ability to plan, and implement different techniques while collaborating with one another.
Why buy the premium package?
With 3 different height tubes, additional ball and goggles, quality boundary rope and area stakes rather than harmful tape and tent pegs your be set up to meet any group needs. This can be done by changing the height of the tube, using different object to retrieve, adjusting the boundary area and changing the height of the boundary.
The Premium whistle rescue gives you so many more options.
Please also view our premium whistle rescue package.


Who can take part:

The ideal number would range between 6 – 12 at a time depending on the delivery method chosen

How long does the challenge last:

We recommend between 30 minutes to 60 minutes +.

What you get with this order:

Free delivery within mainland UK (please contact us for delivery outside of this area).

Wooden Stand & Funnel Holder,

3 x Different Size Black Pipe Tube

Activity Ropes, Bucket, Funnel, Whistle, Perforated Ball, Blackout goggles, Boundary Stakes and Boundary Rope

Digital Documentation Includes (sent via email):

– Briefing and review prompts sheets


Wooden Stand & Funnel Holder made of hardwood.

Tube sizes 700 mm, 100 mm & 130 mm

Rope – 10 mm braided nylon.

4 x Blackout goggles

4 x Boundary Stakes 84 cm in length.