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Towers of Hanoi

The Towers Of Hanoi is a classic team building activity that can be used for a variety of different groups. This will depend on the challenge that is set.

Groups are challenged to move up to six boxes from one location to another following certain rules.

The Towers Of Hanoi can have a Mathematical focus or utilised purely for more generic problem solving and team building. Collaboration, strategic planning and logical thinking are all key for success.


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Who can take part?

The Towers Of Hanoi allows for between 4 – 8 participants. This depends which method of delivery is chosen.

How long does the challenge last?

Depending on delivery style and participant number the activity can last from 10  – 60 minutes.

What you get with this order?

Free delivery within mainland UK (Please contact us for delivery outside this area).

3 x portable stands that can be dismantled.

6 x boxes with cut out handles

Explanation sheets for briefing and review prompts sheet (sent via email).


Coloured boxes made from birch plywood.