KS2 Team Building- Primary School Activity Days

If your Primary School is looking to engage your Key Stage 2 pupils in team building and problem solving activities then The School Team Building Company can help. Our range of activities for KS2 children is varied allowing us to offer sessions that are incorporated in our Primary School Activity days through to days where we just work with a particular class. For the upper KS2 many schools use our wide range of activities as part of a multiple day booking.

Our instructors normally work with a normal class size of up to approx 30 pupils at a time, although for a few of our activities, that need more direct instruction and more considered risk assessment our ratio is less pupils.

For Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6) we also offer The Challenge Carousel that allows for large numbers of pupils to take part at a reduced cost.

There are many reasons why different Primary Schools book The School Team Building Company for their team building days. Whether it be your annual team building day or Friendship Week, an anti bullying initiative or working with a class that are struggling to bond our experienced instructors will help create a fun, yet educational day.

We also work with a lot of Primary and Secondary schools on their transition days helping the pupils  prepare for starting at Secondary school. If you are interested in organising a team build day then please do get in contact.