Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

Primary School Team Building Activities

If you are looking to run some primary school activities then our team building days will fit the bill. Our experienced team will  provide a memorable, fun and educational experience for all classes from Reception through to Year 6.

We think that team building is important whatever the age. Therefore we have formulated a timetable enabling our instructors to run sessions for all 7 classes,  Reception – Year 6,  in a one form entry school in a day.

If your Primary School is bigger such as a 2 or 3 form entry school we can accommodate you by either spending multiple days at your school. Alternatively we can offer more instructors on the same day, assuming you have the space for the activities.

We can also create bespoke days for different Primary Schools.

The Primary School activities that we offer use large hands on equipment focusing on improving relevant skills. These will vary for each key stage. For example; sharing for Early Years; successful communication with Key Stage 1; planning with Key Stage 2. As well as making improvement on such skills  our aim is for our team building days to be a fun, enjoyable experience.

When we visit Primary Schools we run our team building activities in your school hall or outside when the weather is more favourable. We can be flexible with the activities depending on the space and time available.

As well as whole school activity days where each class attends a session we can offer longer sessions and a wider variety of activities for Key Stage 2 children. This is particularly pertinent for pupils in Years 5 and 6 ,helping them to prepare and transition to Secondary School and Key Stage 3.

If your Primary School would like any further information on our team building days, please do contact us.