Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

Early Years Team Building (EY)

Group work is an important part of school life. To begin with this starts on the first days of Primary School and continues all the way through Secondary School. Our Early Years team building day allows classes to take part in a range of group activities. This is a great way to instil the basic principles of working together, for the children taking part. This may be helping the children work together, listening to each other ideas or simply taking turns. Our team building days can help build the children’s team work skills in a fun, yet educational way.

Our Early Years & Foundation Stage sessions generally last approx 35 mins – 1 hour and are suitable for up to approx 30 children with each instructor. The children will take part in smaller sub groups as we bring multiple equipment sets of each activity.

We have a range of activities that are suitable for Early Years ranging from large puzzles through to more active challenges. Our Early Years team building sessions are often run as part of Infant or Primary School Team Building Activity Days.

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