The Challenge Carousel

The Challenge Carousel is very popular with schools that are running team building activity days for large numbers of students, but also want to help keep the cost down.

The School Team Building Company will bring a collection of 32 team building and problem solving activities which encourage the participating students to plan, communicate, work together whilst staying motivated to finish the tasks.

Run from a central point, where we position The Challenge Board, the students work in groups of approx 8-10, and visit their chosen activities ideally on the school field. If using inside  a few large spaces such as sports halls will need to be made available.

To maximise the success of the each groups will need to be accompanied by a teacher or TA to help score the team on certain “Team Skills” criteria. We have also visited many schools that when running a day for year 7s  choose to use older prefects or Sixth Formers to supervise the groups.

Run as a competition The Challenge Carousel is a high paced day that caters for large numbers but not at a large cost.