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Gutter Ball

Gutter Ball is a great challenge for uniting groups together. With a common goal for success. This high energy challenge requires teams to transport a ball from A to B following set rules.

This is also know by other names Pipeline, Marble Run, Ball and Tubes. The challenge is simple but the task can be made as difficult as you want depending on the age group taking part.

Fantastic for developing skills such as team collaboration, resilience, communication skills and motor skills.


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Who can take part?

Our Gutter Ball sets contain gutter tubes for 14 participants to take part at any one time.

How long does the challenge last?

This is a fantastic challenge for running varied length sessions. From short 10 minutes sessions too longer sessions 45 mins. This will all depend on the course and the style of delivery.

What you get with this order?

Free delivery within mainland UK (Please contact us for delivery outside this area).

20 gutters tube.

Velcro storage strap to hold tubes together and a bag with balls and blindfolds in.

4 balls (2 x heavy and 2 x light).

10 blindfolds

Explanation sheets for briefing and review prompts sheet (sent via email).


Gutters: – 7cm width / 4.5 cm depth / 48cm long (dimensions are approximate, colour may vary black, grey or brown).