Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

School Team Building Days At Your School

The School Team Building Company was created for teachers to find the most suitable means of running a Team Building Day at their school. 

We have a vast range of experience,  in fact 15 years, of running activity days at schools. This is through The Problem Solving Company who are also a part of the Workshops At Schools Ltd,  Group of companies. 

We understand that all schools have different requirements and budgets. We also understand that teachers are very busy and that organising a team building day can require a lot of time. With this in mind we created The School Team Building Company. 

Our aim is to give teachers the resources they need to facilitate fun filled and educational days at their schools. Whether this be hiring equipment, using our free activities resource, purchasing equipment or using our dedicated school activity Company to run the day with experienced instructors.



Which Option Are You looking For?

The easiest way to have a team building day in your school is to bring in an outside provider. With 15 years experience in the field we.  offer a high quality experience with skilled DBS checked staff, a vast range of activities all with the relevant risk assessments and insurances.


For those schools that wish to permanently bring their team building provision in-house, purchasing their own team building kits is a good option.

Our range of different quality made kits come complete with risk assessments,  activity briefs and reviewing ideas.

If you have the manpower to run a team building day at school,  renting the equipment is a great way to keep expenditure down.

With a range of rental options available, we can support schools on a range of aims and objectives.




We realise that not all schools will have the budget to fulfil one of the other options. This is why we are constantly updating a comprehensive range of free team building activities and ice breakers.

These activities are all free to be printed off in PDFs.

Latest Free Activities

Wizards, Elves & Giants

This is a take on the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors. Elves beat Giants / Giants beat Wizards / Wizards beat Elves The important part of this game is the dramatics and the sound effects. When being a giant you must make yourself as tall as you can. You can use

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Two Truths One Lie

This is a great exercise to find out a little bit more about the team you are working with. Team members have to think of and then share two things that are true about them. In addition they must also share something that is lie. The remainder of the team

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Wink Murder

Wink Murder is a super classic, that is always fun to play. The group will need to be sat/stood in a big circle. You will need to get someone to volunteer to be the detective. They must leave the room for a short while the rest of the group decides

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