Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

Team Building Handcuffs

The Team Building Handcuffs are a great activity either as a standalone challenge or as a time filler. They are also know by other names such as Magic Handcuffs or Houdini Handcuffs.

The activity is simple allowing participants of all ages to understand. It therefore provides a fantastic problem solving and perseverance challenge for all.

A great activity for developing skills such as persistence, partner cooperation, planning and logical thinking.



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Who can take part?

4 participants can take part at any one time with each set ordered.

How long does the challenge last?

Usually between 10 – 30 minutes.

What you get with this order?

Free delivery within mainland UK (Please contact us for delivery outside this area).
Handcuffs for 4 participants.
Explanation sheets with picture solution and review prompts sheets (sent via email).
Access to online animated solution


4 mm Rope.
Plastic Pipe covering wrists avoiding the risk of rope burns.