Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

Wizards, Elves & Giants

This is a take on the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Elves beat Giants / Giants beat Wizards / Wizards beat Elves

The important part of this game is the dramatics and the sound effects.

When being a giant you must make yourself as tall as you can. You can use your arms to gain height whilst making a phenomenal roar.

If you are a wizard you must make magic wand waving gestures whilst shouting Harry Potter style spells.

Elves on the other hand make themselves as small as can be, combined with a rather irritating giggle.

Split the group into two teams. Make the teams decide which character they will be and then confront their opponents in two lines opposite each other. On demand from the teacher / instructor they reveal which of the three forms the team has decided to be. This must be accompanied by dramatics worthy of an Oscar

Following the rules above then reveals the winner of that round.

Group Size: Suitable for classes of 30. Can be run in multiple smaller groups

Key Stages: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

Team Building Skills: Decision making, Team spirit, Taking part

Equipment: No equipment needed

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Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

We are very excited to have launched our new source of Team Building Day Solutions For Schools. As a part of the group of companies, Workshops At Schools Ltd,  we are already the UK’s leading provider of Mobile School Team Building Days through The Problem Solving Company. This website takes

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