Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

Active Team Building Activities For Schools

Skin The Snake

This is a team building exercise that gets the group up close and personal, so not appropriate for all groups. Similarly to The Elephant Race, the group needs to stand in a line. The participants need to reach forward with their left hand and their right hand should reach backwards

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Bombs & Shields

If you are looking for a simple active challenge, with no equipment, then Bombs & Shields is a good match. To begin with get the group to stand in a large circle. Ask each person to choose one person to be their bomb and a second person to be their shield.

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Balloon Juggle

Balloon Juggle is a fantastic activity for getting a group moving around and cooperating with each other. The students are simply challenged to keep the balloons in the air. The teacher/facilitator can keep adding in more balloons to increase the difficulty. As more balloons are added, there will need to

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