Team Building Day Solutions For Schools

Skin The Snake

This is a team building exercise that gets the group up close and personal, so not appropriate for all groups.

Similarly to The Elephant Race, the group needs to stand in a line. The participants need to reach forward with their left hand and their right hand should reach backwards between their legs.

They should then join hands. Their left hand should join the hand of the person in front of them. This should have emerged from between the person’s legs in front of them. The right hand should be holding the hand of the person behind them, again reaching through the legs.

The only people who have a hand free are the front and the back person.

The objective is for the person at the front to end up at the back without letting go of hands or stepping over your own arm to untangle yourself. This is done by the person at the back lying down whilst everyone walks backwards until it is their turn to lie down.

It can be also completed moving forward but as each person reaches the front they will need to do a forward role whilst still holding onto their teammates hand!

Group Size: Approx 10 people in each team

Key stages: KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

Team Building Skills: Getting close to one another, Following instructions

Equipment: No equipment needed

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