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Wooden Tangram

Our wooden range of problem solving challenges are fantastic quality and look great.

The Wooden Tangram is a square that has been cut into 7 pieces. The possibilities are endless with this versatile team challenge. We have included many of these for you to use with your teams.

The Tangram is perfect for a all ages as the difficulty of the challenges can be increased or decreased to suit different ability groups.

The Wooden Tangram can be used for solo use and team play and focuses on developing logical thinking and spatial awareness.


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Who can take part?

The  Wooden Tangram is a great challenge for both solo and team challenges. This will be 1-6 people depending on the delivery method chosen.

How long does the challenge last?

Wooden tangram can be used for short bursts of 5 mins up to 60 minutes.

What you get with this order?

Free delivery within mainland UK

7 piece Wooden Tangram (Colours may vary to picture)

Digital Documentation Includes (sent via email):
– 12 tangram pictures with gaps
– The same 12 pictures as solid silhouettes
– Briefing and review prompts sheets


7 Birch Plywood tangram pieces
Approximate weight of tangram 2.3 kg